Pistachio Gelato


A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I visited Rome for the first time, I’d never been abroad before so It was such an eye opener. Rome is such a beautiful city and the food is really good. It’s Worth walking miles around the little cobbled streets for tasty treats such as gelato.

We visited the same gelateria twice, trying lots of different flavours and both agreeing on our favourite, pistachio. Arriving home I set about making some and I got to try my new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker that I got for my birthday, I’ve never had one that worked so well before, it’s just perfect, like this Pistachio Gelato.

The recipe is from Scoop – Ellen Brown it’s full of recipes for ice creams, sorbet and gelato. I’m working my through it with my next flavour to try being a cappuccino chip gelato, sounds delicious right?!

So what’s the difference between ice cream and gelato? Well, gelato means ice cream in Italian but it’s not the same as the ice cream that we know and love. Gelato is commonly made up of milk, cream, sugar and nut pastes and ingredients to flavour it. It has a lower butterfat content than ice cream which means that it won’t freeze as much as ice cream leaving it with a smoother, silkier texture.

This pistachio gelato isn’t made with nut paste, it uses whole pistachios instead. You blitz pistachios down along with sugar into tiny pieces and then steep them in a mixture of milk, cream and golden syrup. This gives the gelato a gentle nutty flavour and leaves it a beautiful shade of green.

It’s got such a creamy texture and I love that it doesn’t solidify as much as regular ice cream, I actually think I prefer gelato to ice cream. You can really taste the pistachio, anyone who loves them will enjoy this ice cream immensely.

If you think this is hard to make then think again, simply follow the steps and you’ll become a pro in no time. Before you know it, you’ll have a couple of tubs of different flavours in your freezer.


Pistachio Gelato

Course: Frozen
Servings: 1 litre
Prep time: 30 min
Cook time: 30 min
Total time: 60 min


  • 300 grams Pistachios shelled and roasted
  • 100 grams Caster sugar
  • 675 ml Whole milk
  • 125 ml Whipping cream
  • 60 ml Golden syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon Maldon sea salt
  • 3 tablespoons Nonfat dry milk powder
  • 2 tablespoons Cornflour
  • 3/4 teaspoon Pure vanilla extract


  1. Combine 250 grams pistachios and the sugar in a food processor and blitz them until finely ground, do not make a puree.

  2. In a medium size saucepan combine the nut mixture, 500 ml, cream, golden syrup and salt. Cook over a medium heat, stirring and remove from the heat once the mixture begins to steam. Do not let it boil. Cover and leave to steep for 30 minutes.

  3. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl mix together the remaining milk, milk powder, cornflour and vanilla extract until the powders dissolve.

  4. Once the pistachio mixture has had its 30 minutes, strain through a fine sieve and return to the pan. Add the milk mixture and cook over a low heat, stirring until the mixture has thickened. Pass through a fine sieve into a storage container and cover the surface with clingfilm. Refrigerate overnight

  5. Freeze the mixture in an ice cream maker according to the manufacturer's instructions. Whilst the gelato is churning add through the remaining pistachio nuts, chopping finely before adding. Transfer back into storage container and freeze until firm. Before serving let the gelato sit for 15 minutes to soften.


  • Recipe adapted from Scoop - Ellen Brown





  1. Hi Laura,
    I just had to take a moment to tell you how lovely your Pistachio Gelato looks. It may sound silly to use the word lovely but it’s the first word that came to mind and I had to say it:) Congratulations on your new birthday present. I have a feeling you will be putting it to excellent use:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, Laura…pinning:)

    P.S. My son and his girlfriend just returned from Rome too. They said the Gelato, (they indulged at the same place 3x) was unforgettable!!!

  2. I am so jealous of your trip… and this gelato! It looks so good! I have never thought of doing a pistachio flavored ice cream before. My mom is the official ice cream maker in our family. I will have to show her this!

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