Baking News!


* I thought it time to post another baking news segment as I haven’t done one for a while now. It’s Easter weekend which mean’s a nice long bank holiday here in the UK. We have my parents here with us for two days which has been done. We’ve done some sightseeing and If you follow me on Instagram you’ll of seen that I had a delicious Soya chai latte. This one was the best I’ve ever tasted, it wasn’t a powder mix that contained added sugar and milk powder that most coffee shops use, this one was simply a blend of spices soaked in the milk with added espresso. It had a lovely added heat and it came with a side dish of honey if you wanted to add a little sweetness to it. Delicious!

* Our plum tree has started producing lots of baby plums. It’s got hundreds on it which means we are going to have more a bumper crop come August. I’m calling on you for help. I’m going to start collecting recipes now so when they start to ripen I can get going which putting them to good use. So what I’m asking you for is to share all your yummy plum recipes, whether it be for cakes, muffins, jams, ice cream, chutneys ect.

* You all know my love for rhubarb just take a look at these scrumptious recipes

Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble Muffins 1.jpg Text

Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble Muffins

Rhubarb and Vanilla Cake 1.jpg text

Rhubarb and Vanilla Cake


Rhubarb and Ginger Blondies 1.jpg text

Rhubarb and Ginger Blondies

* I love it so much in fact that I’m going to be dedicating May to this pink blanched vegetable. Get ready for 4 or 5 scrumptious new recipes which will be featured on the blog all throughout May. I’ll be showcasing new recipes plus one old rhubarb recipe that I’ll be slightly changing and re-photographing. If you love rhubarb or have never tried it before then be sure to subscribe so won’t miss a single thing. I’m baking my first recipe for this collection this weekend, I’m very excited about it’s going to be utterly yummy and perfect for afternoon tea.

* Be sure to stop back tomorrow for Sweet and Savoury Sunday, I’d love so much for you all to link your recipes, crafts and DIY projects. Tell your friends to link up to, the more the merrier I say! I also have a new recipe for you. It’s April’s reveal for the Cake slice bakers and this one is not to be missed, it’s a heavenly.

Whatever you’re doing to celebrate Easter this weekend I hope you have safe and joyful celebration. Happy Easter everyone!!

Baking News!

Baking News (10.03.14)

* I think Spring has arrived a little early here in our part of UK, we’ve had some beautiful days filled with warm sunshine we even saw a butterfly in our garden yesterday, you’d think we were headed for Summer and not Spring! I’m loving the warm air so I hope it stay’s around. The day’s are getting longer too, I love the extra hours of light.

* At our farmers market we spied some beautiful tulips that we couldn’t resist buying. We’d just bought a new vase and were on the hunt for some seasonal flowers to fill it and these glorious flowers were perfect. I can’t stop taking photo’s of them. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll of seen them already. We bought three bunches, a light pink bunch, a peachy yellow bunch and a pinky orange bunch. All the stunning shades blend perfectly together.

* It’s a special someone’s birthday at the end of the month and his birthday treat of choice is a cheesecake. I’ve never made cheesecake before. I tried a sticky toffee baked cheesecake the other week and it was a disaster. It tasted horrible and it wouldn’t budge out of it’s tin, then when it did finally break free it collapsed in my hands! We could only stand there and laugh. So cheesecake two was the total opposite. Pure cheesecake heaven!! It tasted amazing! Totally amazing! My partner told me to put it in the freezer and oh my, frozen cheesecake is a must, it’s like ice cream but cheesecake ice cream. I need to make a cheesecake themed ice cream I think. We had to throw it away to avoid eating the whole thing in one go, it’s that good! Best cheesecake ever. I’ll share the recipe with you guy’s when I make it next. It’s need multiple re-makes just to soothe my new found cheesecake addiction!

* I’ve finally started my Easter baking with two themed treats being made this past weekend. Both were a big success, I really can’t wait to share them with you.

* Has anyone else been baking Spring inspired treats yet?

* Sweet and Savoury Sunday Link Party #51 reached over 100 link ups! How great is that?! I hope you all link your projects, I love reading your posts and seeing what you’ve all been up to. So what are you waiting for, link up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday Link Party #52 now!!

* I hope everyone has a great start to there week :)

Here are two minty themed treats that I can’t wait to try when the warmer weather makes an appearance.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Wallflower Girl – My favourite ice cream flavour just got healthier, love it!

Mint Limeade from One Sweet Appetite – This year will be the year that I make homemade lemonade and I’m going to start with this one!

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Baking News!

baking news march 1st

* Happy first day of March! I love this month, it’s a very special someone’s birthday this month and it’s the first month where spring starts to make an appearance.

* Easter is also on it’s way. I enjoy baking easter treats, I’ll be dedicating March to all things easter-y. Hot cross buns, fun little sweet things with mini eggs, easter breads, cakes, dainty cakes and many more goodies. I can’t wait!

* Is there anything you like to bake this time of year? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it.

* We’ve got the first sings of spring in our garden, a few daffodils have bloomed and our plum tree is developing blossom! I love blossom, it’s such a beautiful flower and really signals warmer times ahead.

* Is spring starting to glimmer where you are? I hope it is. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Here are some recipes that have caught my eye from the hundreds of blogs that I follow.

Plum and Honey Syrup Cake from Harvest – I can’t wait for our tree to bare it’s fruits this year so I can make this seasonal cake.

Brownie Batter Granola from My Happy place – Brownie for breakfast, yes please.

Scratch Cinnamon Roll Cake from Portuguese Girl Cooks – This is going to be made very soon, watch this space!

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