Cookbook Treasure Trove

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I love to collect recipes, i’m always on the hunt for delicious sounding treats and meals to make. I have so many recipes bookmarked that I want to make and I have a large collection of cookery books also.

I have listed all of my books above and catagorised them alphabetically by title.

I love to curl up with a book, with a nice drink and a tasty snack and immerse myself into the book being inspired from its recipes, photographs and the way the book is written. I’m always on the search for more interesting books to add to my collection, so if anyone has any recomendations feel free to leave a comment.

I will be posting book and recipe reviews from my book collection as my blog progresses. I hope you enjoy looking through my collection and hopefully you’ll be inspired by them as much as I have.

Its always good to treat yourself to a new book!

8 thoughts on “Cookbook Treasure Trove

  1. I have over 400 cookbooks, I guess you could say I’m addicted. I love reading a cookbook like most people like reading a novel. I need to start weeding them out, but I still look at the cookbooks for sale when ever I run into some.

    • I also collect cookbooks. In a organizing frenzy I downsized my cookbooks and donated over 50 of them to the Friends of the Library bookstore. Every visit to the library I scan the shelves to see if any of them have been donated back! I also read them like most people read novels. Loved your comparison!

  2. Next I am trying cookies from the Biscuiteers Book of Iced Cookies. They are a fabulous cookie company from London. My next new book is going to be The Model Bakery. Try Miette and look up her bakery online for fabulous photos.

    • I have the biscuiteers book, I tried one of their cookie recipes and didn’t go to well but I’m not ruling the book out as a bad egg, I shall be baking from it again. I’ve heard of that Bakery, will have to check it out. I LOVE books, I’d love to have my own library full lol. I will look into Miette 🙂 Happy New Year Jan! Hope you pop back again soon.

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